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Rome Uncensored

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of swapping a wet and miserable Amsterdam for some much needed sun in Rome. It was in fact my second visit in three years – it’s actually just settling in that I’ve been there twice now! It was the one destination I vowed myself to visit when I was just 16. I have to admit my romance with the city stemmed from E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View, which awoke in me a passion for life, plus I saw something of myself in Lucy… It is afterall a story that reveals the repressed culture of Edwardian England…not that far off from the Pakistani culture in which I was raised.

So I was in Rome less than three weeks ago, with my partner in travel to keep me company. I had the whole trip planned out, complete with daily itineraries, places to visit, eat, drink and chill. The first time I went, I walked everywhere and sadly didn’t have much luck with food, mostly because I didn’t stop in the right places, neighborhood or choose the right dishes. But this time I made sure to do my homework well in advance.

In the proceeding posts I will reveal all there is to know about Rome as seen through the eyes of this hungry travelor. But for now I leave you with a mouthwatering recipe for Pollo alla Romana. also known as Roman Style Chicken.

Pollo alla Romano
Pollo alla Romana

This classic Roman dish can be found on most menus in Rome and is very nice when cooked well. Such simple ingredients produces such wonderful flavors, and the same can be said for almost all Italian food. It’s truly inspiring.


1 whole chicken cut into 8 pieces or 5 medium sized chicken breasts halved.

4 cloves of garlic, bashed and halved.

250g Passato di Pomodoro or mashed Tomatoes

1 medium red pepper cut into 12 pieces.

1 medium yellow pepper cut into 12 pieces.

1 chicken stock cube.

1 cup of water (if using chicken breasts)

Salt and black pepper for seasoning.

1 tbsp olive oil.

1/2 tsp dried Italian herbs.


In a non-stick deep pan, fry the chicken together with the garlic on a medium-high heat together till it’s turned white and slightly brown. This should only take 3-5 minutes. Next add the tomato puree, chicken stock cube, water (if using checkn breast) the chopped peppers and a little salt and black peper.

Cover the pan and reduce the heat for 15 minutes if using chicken breasts, or 25 minutes if using a whole chicken. Do keep checking back frequently to ensure there is enough liquid in the pot and that it doesn’t dry out in the cooking time. If it’s looking a bit dry add a little more water.

Next check the seasoning and add some extra salt and or black pepper if needed, plus the dried herbs. Simmer for an extra 2 minutes and then switch off the heat. Pollo alla Romana is ready! You can eat this dish as the Romans do as a Secondi after your Pasta…or simply with some bread on the side.




  Joanna wrote @

Love the idea of your blog, as just like you FOOD is a definite passion of mine! I also really like the idea that you will be posting up recipes. Cant wait to try out Pollo a La Romana! 🙂

  Philia wrote @

D’lin congrats,…am looking forwards to some of the recipies…and actually learning out of some of your foodalicious specialities…hope to read you soon, in coming articles..and to know you better by words..

great week,

k regards p

  hugo wrote @

It’s time for a new post!

  eatlivebreathe wrote @

You are so right. I just got back from visiting my parents, which meant A LOT of good food. So I am just about recovered from the highs of Lamb Karahi and Haleem, and will be hot on my heels to tickle your taste-buds with more posts soon – I promise!

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