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Going Back to my Roots

When I started this blog a few months back I made promises of culinary secrets that were passed down to me from my mother and father, and now I feel it is time that I do just that. This weekend I will bring out the pots and pans and lay down a true Pakistani feast, and will return next week with recipes that will make your jaw hit the desk…or at the very least drool all over your top!

Till then, watch this space…


Starbucks or Starsucks?

I don’t really have a vice of any kind. I don’t drink, smoke, eat too many sweets or chocolates, and when it comes to food I insist on the very best and healthiest of choices. Coffee has also been off my diet for the past several years, until I was introduced to the wonders of the Nespresso machine at work one tiresome afternoon.

It had literally been a month since I began my 1-coffee-a-week regime when I arrived in the land of Starbucks. And I asked myself, “where has Starbucks been all my life?!” It being 28 odd degrees in New York City at the time I opted for a tall, skinny, coffee frappucino. (That’s a small, low-fat iced-coffee drink to those not familiar with the local lingo.) I had one everyday, and since my return to Amsterdam I have been in pursuit of finding the next best thing, sadly nothing even comes close.

This past week I did make a trip back to my own hometown in London, and was pleasatly surprised to find a Starbucks at Amsterdam’s Schippol Airport, and not only that, London has its own fairshare of the coffee chain. Now back on Dutch turf or water, I am obsessed in finding a Starbucks closer to home, and thanks to a quick search online, there appears to be one at Amsterdam Central Station!

But having revealed my new obsession to my partner in crime, he was quick to send me this shocking (and dear I say tear jerking) link today: Ten of the Worst Artery Cloggers in America. Ten guesses what was at the top of the list? Yup, FRAPPUCINOS.

Well, I always ordered the tall skinny ones, but according to this article that’s a no-no as well. Well, all I can say is, it was good while it lasted 🙂

You Can’t Visit NYC and Not Have a Burger…

It’s confession time. Though I love all kinds of food, I am also a health addict at heart. It took me a whole 5 days, and even a shocking hour before my ride came to drop me off at JFK airport, to eat my first New York burger. And if that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t settle for just any old burger, it had to be the best!

And boy was it tasty…. I stepped into the Rare Bar & Grill on Lexington Avenue and coyly revealed my story to the waiter. “I want the best burger that you have,” I declared.  A while later he returned with my order: KOBE TERIYAKI (topped with their Teriyaki sauce and sauteed scallions.)

Rare Bar Grill's Kobe Teriyaki Burger

Rare Bar Grill's Kobe Teriyaki Burger

It wasn’t exactly the kind of burger I expected to eat on my trip, but it certainly was tasty, excellent quality beef with very little fat dripping on my plate – which is always good in my opinion. It would have been a nice treat to have had some fries on the side but my neither my stomach nor my conscious would let me…

I am also very proud to report that NYC’s infamous Hot Dog’s never made it to my belly. I saw a documentary in my hotel room about how they are made – and it didn’t exactly make me crave one, if you know what I mean. But if junk food is what you’re into, don’t let me stop you… According to the same documentary, New Yorker’s eat an average of 60 Hot Dogs a year! And here’s me who couldn’t eat even one…

New York Bagel with Lox Spread

Still buzzing from my first New York City adventure, I wanted to share with you one of my morning delights on my week-long escapade: the infamous New York Bagel. Available almost everywhere, these donut shaped treats are served with a variety of toppings, most common of which is cream cheese. 

As a soul searching for absolute gastronomic satisfaction I embarked with my partner in all things hot and spicy to H&H Bagels where we indulged in what became a morning breakfast tradition. As a native English speaker I thought I knew it all, until I was confronted by ‘lox’ which stared back at me from the menu. Searching through my travel guide book like a confused tourist in a foreign land I became educated on one of New York City’s colloquial terms. Lox = Smoked Salmon. 

H&H Bagel: Cream Cheese with Lox Spread


Lox is usually served in two ways: either chopped and mixed with cream cheese (Bagel with Lox Spread,) or as thin slivers sitting on top of a cream cheese bagel (Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox.) My choice can be seen in the image above.

I highly recommend these bagels. though I also tried other local bagel stores and they were equally pleasing. Whatever you do on your next or first trip to New York, don’t forget to try out this New York tradition, and if you can’t wait, try out my recipe here.

Till next time, eet smakelijk!

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Big Apple Posts Coming Soon!

Sorry guys for not keeping up with my posts! I’ve been super busy and have just jetted back from a my first trip to New York. It was a blast! But know that I have not deserted you guys, and thought constantly about food food food! I took plenty of photos and inspiration along my trip, and I can’t wait to share them with you..

So do drop back soon and find out which treats are coming your way!