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You Can’t Visit NYC and Not Have a Burger…

It’s confession time. Though I love all kinds of food, I am also a health addict at heart. It took me a whole 5 days, and even a shocking hour before my ride came to drop me off at JFK airport, to eat my first New York burger. And if that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t settle for just any old burger, it had to be the best!

And boy was it tasty…. I stepped into the Rare Bar & Grill on Lexington Avenue and coyly revealed my story to the waiter. “I want the best burger that you have,” I declared.  A while later he returned with my order: KOBE TERIYAKI (topped with their Teriyaki sauce and sauteed scallions.)

Rare Bar Grill's Kobe Teriyaki Burger

Rare Bar Grill's Kobe Teriyaki Burger

It wasn’t exactly the kind of burger I expected to eat on my trip, but it certainly was tasty, excellent quality beef with very little fat dripping on my plate – which is always good in my opinion. It would have been a nice treat to have had some fries on the side but my neither my stomach nor my conscious would let me…

I am also very proud to report that NYC’s infamous Hot Dog’s never made it to my belly. I saw a documentary in my hotel room about how they are made – and it didn’t exactly make me crave one, if you know what I mean. But if junk food is what you’re into, don’t let me stop you… According to the same documentary, New Yorker’s eat an average of 60 Hot Dogs a year! And here’s me who couldn’t eat even one…


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