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Would You Like a Tomato with Your Salt?

I have recently been to see a dietist with the intention to lose weight. Having presented her with my pain-stakingly honest diary of all the food I had eaten the previous week, she happily informed me that I am eating well. Her only advice to me so far is to be ‘conscious‘ of what I am eating and how much. This I have to say, has helped me a lot.

But I am not only bringing into my awareness how many slices of bread, or portions of potatoes I am eating, but what exactly I am putting on them. In particular, how much SALT.

Food for me always has to taste good, healthy or not. And the only way I seemed to be able to do that was to put just the right amount of salt and pepper/chili on my food. That said, I am now coming to realize just how much salt is going into my food, unnecessarily. I am awakening to the joys of an avocado sliced up on bread with a sprinkle of pepper and squeeze of lemon juice, without a trace of sodium in sight, bar the light cream cheese beneath the green slivers. I am for the first time in my life finding out what food really tastes like, and appreciating its taste.

I’m not cutting out salt completely, just being aware of how much I use on a daily basis and asking myself if what I am eating really needs the extra shake of salt. I am really beginning to understand what the likes of nutritionists Gillian McKeith have been saying. Sometimes, we think we need a taste, but it’s that we have damaged our taste buds from years of over seasoning our food, that we can’t really taste that what we are eating is perfectly seasoned.

What I was also really excited to find was that too much salt in a diet can cause a person to retain weight. I am purely quoting my dietist here, who stated that eating salty food causes the body to retain water, so it’s essential that after a salty meal to drink plenty of water, including the next day, to flush it all out. Please correct me if I or my dietist is wrong.

i for one am going to continue in this direction and hope to report back soon with my findings. I would also love to hear from you about your experiences with food, and in particular with salt. Please feel free to share!

Happy and healthy eating!