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Would You Like a Tomato with Your Salt?

I have recently been to see a dietist with the intention to lose weight. Having presented her with my pain-stakingly honest diary of all the food I had eaten the previous week, she happily informed me that I am eating well. Her only advice to me so far is to be ‘conscious‘ of what I am eating and how much. This I have to say, has helped me a lot.

But I am not only bringing into my awareness how many slices of bread, or portions of potatoes I am eating, but what exactly I am putting on them. In particular, how much SALT.

Food for me always has to taste good, healthy or not. And the only way I seemed to be able to do that was to put just the right amount of salt and pepper/chili on my food. That said, I am now coming to realize just how much salt is going into my food, unnecessarily. I am awakening to the joys of an avocado sliced up on bread with a sprinkle of pepper and squeeze of lemon juice, without a trace of sodium in sight, bar the light cream cheese beneath the green slivers. I am for the first time in my life finding out what food really tastes like, and appreciating its taste.

I’m not cutting out salt completely, just being aware of how much I use on a daily basis and asking myself if what I am eating really needs the extra shake of salt. I am really beginning to understand what the likes of nutritionists Gillian McKeith have been saying. Sometimes, we think we need a taste, but it’s that we have damaged our taste buds from years of over seasoning our food, that we can’t really taste that what we are eating is perfectly seasoned.

What I was also really excited to find was that too much salt in a diet can cause a person to retain weight. I am purely quoting my dietist here, who stated that eating salty food causes the body to retain water, so it’s essential that after a salty meal to drink plenty of water, including the next day, to flush it all out. Please correct me if I or my dietist is wrong.

i for one am going to continue in this direction and hope to report back soon with my findings. I would also love to hear from you about your experiences with food, and in particular with salt. Please feel free to share!

Happy and healthy eating!


Big Apple Posts Coming Soon!

Sorry guys for not keeping up with my posts! I’ve been super busy and have just jetted back from a my first trip to New York. It was a blast! But know that I have not deserted you guys, and thought constantly about food food food! I took plenty of photos and inspiration along my trip, and I can’t wait to share them with you..

So do drop back soon and find out which treats are coming your way!

Roman Delights

The spring is fast upon us (and with any luck the summer will be too) and there’s no better time to visit Rome, than right now. Rome is one of my favorite European cities, it has so much character, history and great food packed in. It was – as I promised myself some 11 years ago – the first official holiday I took alone (excluding my visit to Amsterdam of course!)

So you’ve got a few days spare, or maybe you just fancy a weekend city break, whatever your excuse, if you plan to visit Rome DO NOT miss some of these great highlights!

And in true Eat, Live, Breathe tradition, I begin with the absolute essential: food.

Across the River Tiber is Trastevere, which is without a doubt the BEST place to eat in Rome. The cobbled, small streets make a nice little romantic wander, and the restaurants are filled with locals tucking into their primi’s and wine. Almost any restaurant here will be top-notch, but up there with the best of them is Enzo a Trastevere (Via dei Vascellari 29), a quiet little eatery with quality food, service and atmosphere. 

Another place to visit is Felice a Testaccio (Via Mastro Giorgio 29), which was highly recommended to me by an Italian colleague of mine. Only drawback with this place is that it’s so popular amongst the locals that you will have to reserve a table at least a day or two in advance. So be warned. 

But wherever you decide to settle down to eat, don’t feel obliged to order a primi, secondi and dolce, because though they may appear to be a starter and main course, individually they’re more than enough to fill any hungry tummy. Must-try local delicacies include Pasta Arrabiata (spicy), Pollo alla Romana, Cacio e Pepe, and on Thursday only, Gnocci. 

And when in Rome, you feel like doing what the Romans do, then stop by Giolitti (Via degli Uffici del Vicaro 40) a few steps from the Pantheon, for some Ice cream between 4-5pm. 

Drop back soon for some more tips!

Rome Uncensored

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of swapping a wet and miserable Amsterdam for some much needed sun in Rome. It was in fact my second visit in three years – it’s actually just settling in that I’ve been there twice now! It was the one destination I vowed myself to visit when I was just 16. I have to admit my romance with the city stemmed from E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View, which awoke in me a passion for life, plus I saw something of myself in Lucy… It is afterall a story that reveals the repressed culture of Edwardian England…not that far off from the Pakistani culture in which I was raised.

So I was in Rome less than three weeks ago, with my partner in travel to keep me company. I had the whole trip planned out, complete with daily itineraries, places to visit, eat, drink and chill. The first time I went, I walked everywhere and sadly didn’t have much luck with food, mostly because I didn’t stop in the right places, neighborhood or choose the right dishes. But this time I made sure to do my homework well in advance. Read the rest of this entry »